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Children and Young People Cross Party Group

Tuesday, Oct. 27th 2015

Claire was fortunate to be a spectator at the Children and Young People cross party group at the Scottish Parliament. The subject for this session, ‘Revenge Porn’ definitely makes you sit up and take notice. A topic that is not specifically child protection as we have come to understand it in recent years, with the threat being posed by adults, but an issue that most parents increasingly have to be aware of if they have teenage or even younger children, regardless of gender or background as the victims come from across the social spectrum. The Scottish Government have committed to bringing forward legislation around the sharing of illicit images as part of the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Bill and from the meeting it was clear this was both welcome move and one that could not happen quickly enough, as the problem is a vast and thorny one, with many of the perpetrators children themselves, adding an extra layer of complexity. There is an ongoing need to address this issue. Red Harbour would be keen to explore opportunities with like-minded organisations.

Agenda setting

Monday, May. 25th 2015

Claire was delighted to be part of the team at Children in Scotland once again. In addition to assisting with the marketing of events, she compiled a conference programme for an important agenda item for Scottish Government – Additional Support for Learning.

Passing on skills

Wednesday, Feb. 4th 2015

Director of Red Harbour, Claire Hunter is proud to give her time on a voluntary capacity to Queen Margaret University as a Mentor. Claire mentors students in their 3rd year of Event Management degree, giving industry and studying advice to help them choose the right path for their career.

On the Day

Friday, Nov. 21st 2014

One of the services we offer is assistance ‘On the Day’ at events.  A helpful addition to your event as there are bound to be many places at one time you need to be.  Hand over the running of the event to Red Harbour allowing you to spend time with your guests/attendees.  We work alongside Holyrood Events providing this service.

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